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Digital Customer Experience Leaders.

Social Media

Capitalizing on the acquired knowledge as omni-channel management contact center, we developed a solution for our customers which allows them to generate and manage multiple interactions in the digital world, enhancing user experience.

We understand trends and we know that network management requires immediacy, omni-channel and real-time strategic responses.

In Apex America, we build relationships with communities, create content and conversations, and monitor the digital world brands. We look ahead for possible crisis and provide vital information to simplify marketing strategies’ management.

Our Social Media services are related to the “brand’s voice” management in every digital channel where the customer has presence.

We interact with the end users and create community engagement.

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We proactively work in Social Media:

  • Content creation
  • Conversation calendar creation
  • Content scheduling and posting

We follow the guidelines that adapt to brand equity and what is to be communicated.

We perform reactive work through community assistance, question solving, and engagement.

Our experience in Social Media

50.268.486 interactions

1.829.823 tweets

Service-related industries: Retail, Food and Beverages, Financial, Banking.