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We are a people company and we have a clear mission
Being the best place to work!

To enhance the experience for everyone, we optimize the work-personal life balance, offer an excellent organizational environment, care about training our people, among other actions through benefits, recognition, and organizational development policies. We love big challenges, rewarding our outstanding associates, developing the skills of the people we join to our team, and benefiting Apex Community (#ComunidadApex) as a whole.

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People Who Make It Real

Build together the best place to work.


How we do it?

Flexibility, Commitment, Apex Leadership, Closeness, Joy.

We achieve this by assisting our associates make sense of what they do, wakening their sense of responsibility and commitment which lead us to achieve the results and joy, understanding that this is the distinctive value of our organization.

Apex’s distinctive value is based on the people that create it:

  • Finding sense in daily tasks...
  • Wakening responsibility and commitment...
  • Reaching the desired results and the joy of working.
  • Through closeness, listening and connection with oneself and the other.

Why we do it

By creating the best experience for our people every day, we positioned ourselves as customer experience specialists. Our satisfaction is based on leadership, participation, working responsibly, joy, and achieved results.

+5400 associates

We are more than 5,400 associates throughout America with a commitment undertaken: build together the best place to work considering the coherence between our values, culture and management models, which are different from the rest of the market.

We are Community

Customer Care Representative
Natalia Lafuente

Apex is a company that presents challenges every day with the job, with the atmosphere, and that makes it very exciting.

Customer Care Representative
Julio Maciel

Since I started working, I had a nice working and support team in the company. I like my job and my group of friends in Apex.

Customer Care Representative
Federico Polich

I’m very happy and pleased with the company and this is the most important source of satisfaction that makes me commit myself to Apex every day.

Customer Care Representative
Emilce Ojeda

I love my job, I like my team, and the daily atmosphere. I enjoy working, and I know I have a position waiting for me every day.

Customer Care Representative
Sofía Salazar

Apex helps me with my working flexibility and the possibility of managing my schedule to be able to combine working with my University studies.

Customer Care Representative
Cintia Rothgard

I have been working in Apex for 7 years and it’s my second family. They make us feel valuable here and they care for each of us every day.

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