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Digital Customer Experience Leaders.

Sales Drive Management

Our experience and focus have allowed us to provide support to large companies by:

  • Effectively managing orders and boosting sales.
  • Enhancing coverage.
  • Managing replacement times.
  • Enhancing the experience of everyone involved in the process.
  • Increasing the efficiency of implementation, technology, and security processes.
  • Following-up and solving claims in real time.

This solution mainly benefits those companies that market their products through a sales network.

We know commercial network behaviors are changing and we know how to anticipate those changes, providing the necessary flexibility to offer an edge in the management of communication channels. We know the B2B logic and we know how to offer a valuable experience to our customer’s end users.

Our system allows having each customer’s information automated and centralized to follow up each of them and proactively offer them through suggested ordering: promotions, order improvements and/or expediting contact with buyer. At the same time, is has an online report that provides visibility to the company in relation to all that constantly happens on the order taking process.

We carry out order taking through phone calls, SMS messages, WhatsApp or e-commerce platforms.

The service also has a ticket claim management module, which helps achieve service excellence by solving the operation issues that eventually arise.

Service-related industries: Bottling companies, GDO, Retail, Food, Health.

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