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Alfred - Hybrid CX

We create the future where we want to live, therefore, together with one of our customers, we developed an innovative digital service, which is the future of customer care service and what allows us to combine the best of technology with customized experience.

Alfred connects artificial intelligence technology with machine learning to our customized assistance service, enabling a unique, close and positive user experience.

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This solution makes it possible to:

Reduce digital AHT below the telephonic 40% AHT total

  • Ticket classification
  • Response suggestion
  • Learning from each interaction
  • Agile implementation and AI learning model

Enhance UX - user experience 60% NPS

  • Support quality
  • Response Time
  • Customized sales
  • Query processing and response with high understanding accuracy

Enhance AX - agent experience 70% asistencia

  • Automation of iterative queries, greetings and closure
  • Less typing
  • Less pressure
  • Higher agent productivity

Achieve additional upside through value creation 30x conversion

  • Customized upsell/crossell (conversion of cost center into revenue center)

Alfred is available in Spanish and Portuguese to reach the whole Latin American market and can be integrated with CRM API and any other chat platform.

Alfred also includes a module called “PIPE” that allows us to view all the interactions conducted by Alfred in real time, know all reports and service measurements in full detail.

Service-related industries: Telecommunication, Financial, Mass Consumption.